We’re picky about produce.

Freshness and quality are always in season! Our produce is a feast for the senses! We carry only the freshest crisp vegetables and juicy ripe fruit. Ed works with local growers and suppliers to ensure our fruits and veggies are at the peak of freshness every day. He hand selects the produce that goes on our shelves, and our employees know that quality checks are top priority throughout the day.

Enjoy locally grown fruits and veggies when in season – usually April through November. We grow lots on premises and support local farmers by giving them an outlet for their crops.

Help keep Hunterdon County green by buying locally grown fruits and veggies. Our produce is well rounded with all of your staples – potatoes, onions, garlic, celery, etc.

Harvest Schedule


May 1 – May 30 Asparagus
May 5 – June 25 Spinach
May 20 – July 15 Lettuce


June 1 – June 10 Strawberries
June 10 – October 31 Cabbage
June 10 – June 25 Cherries
June 15 – June 25 Peas
June 20 – July 20 Snap Peas
June 25 – July 31 Onions
June 25 – September 1 Squash


July 1 – October 31 Beets
July 1 – October 31 Broccoli
July 5 – August 15 Cucumbers
July 5 – July 21 Raspberries
July 5 – August 10 Blueberries
July 5 – August 31 Sweet Corn
July 10 – September 15 Tomatoes
July 15 – July 30 Blackberries
July 15 – August 15 Plums
July 15 – August 31 Lima Beans
July 15 – October 31 Peppers
July 20 – September 1 Peaches, Nectarines
July 20 – September 30 Eggplant
July 20 – September 30 Potatoes


August 10 – August 31 Pears
August 15 – September 15 Okra
August 20 – October 31 Collards

Tuesday, May 21, 2019




Meat or Veggie Lasagna
Chicken (GF), Tuna,  Salad (GF) on its own OR add it to a Garden Salad 
Grilled London Broil (GF)
Crustless Roasted Vegetable Quiche (GF)(VGT)
Roasted Vegetable(VGT) or Ham & Cheese Quiche
Poached Salmon (GF)(DF)
Mediterranean Grilled Chicken (GF)(DF)


Today’s Additions:
SIAM's Vegetable Fried Rice
BBQ Chicken Thighs
SIAM's Egg Noodle w/ Chicke 

Cream of Tomato w/ Chicken & Orzo
10 Vegetable (GF)(VN)
Summer Vegetable (GF)(VN)
Italian Wedding (DF)
Sweet Corn Chowder
Summer Vegetable (GF)(VN)(DF)


Tuna Salad on Rye
Chicken Salad on FarmHouse Roll
Roasted Pepper, Fresh Mozzarella, Pesto on Focaccia(VGT)


Today's Additions:
Salmon Cake on Brioche
Roast Pork, Arugula & Provolone on Rosemary Ciabatta
Crispy Veggie w/ Roasted Garlic Hummus & Pepper Jack Cheese on Multigrain (VGT)


This Week's Bowl: Chicken Cobb Bowl (KETO FRIENDLY)


Potato Salad (GF) (VGT)
Macaroni Salad (VGT)
Sweet Potato Salad (GF)(VGT)
Cole Slaw (GF)(VGT)
6″ Garden Salad(VGT)(DF)
(2) Hard Boiled Eggs (GF)(DF)
Hash Brown Potatoes w/ Quinoa and Spinach (GF)(VGT)
Quinoa Pilaf (GF)(VN)(DF)
Kale Salad (Spring Version w/ Creamy Yogurt Dressing) (GF)(VGT)
Roasted Vegetables (GF)(VN)(DF)
Seaweed Salad (GF)(VN)(DF)
Steamed Broccoli, Bok Choy, Chinese Broccoli (GF)(VN)(DF)
Apple or  Banana
Bag of Chips
Bottle of Water


This Week's  Additions:
Quinoa Salad:  Asian Inspired Quinoa Salad (GF) (VN)
Double Stuffed Potato


*GF = Gluten Friendly, VN = Vegan, VGT = Vegetarian,  DF = Dairy Free







Market Meals

Monday through Friday

Entree Market Meal 1 Entree + 2 Accompaniments
Soup Market Meal Soup + 2 Accompaniments
Sandwich Market Meal Sandwich + 2 Accompaniments



(Good for Lunch or Dinner)

Lunch Club

And don’t forget to join our Lunch Club — Buy 9 market meals or sandwiches and get the 10th Free. Just ask at our deli counter.

Fresh produce every day. Locally grown produce in season. Homemade lunches and dinners to go. Fresh-baked award-winning pies.

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