We’re picky about produce.

Freshness and quality are always in season! Our produce is a feast for the senses! We carry only the freshest crisp vegetables and juicy ripe fruit. Ed works with local growers and suppliers to ensure our fruits and veggies are at the peak of freshness every day. He hand selects the produce that goes on our shelves, and our employees know that quality checks are top priority throughout the day.

Enjoy locally grown fruits and veggies when in season – usually April through November. We grow lots on premises and support local farmers by giving them an outlet for their crops.

Help keep Hunterdon County green by buying locally grown fruits and veggies. Our produce is well rounded with all of your staples – potatoes, onions, garlic, celery, etc.

Jersey Fresh Harvest Schedule.

Below you’ll see when we have Jersey Fresh produce in our farm market; we always have fresh fruits and veggies from other locations starting in April and all the way through December 24!

Ditching Disposables for produce.

Getting rid of single-use plastic bags applies to produce bags as well as shopping bags. As part of Lambertville's Ditching Disposables initiative, we're carrying reusable mesh produce bags in several sizes that you can purchase in our farm market. 

Fresh produce every day. Locally grown produce in season. Homemade lunches and dinners to go. Fresh-baked award-winning pies.

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