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Wednesday, October 21, 2020  

Today’s Special 

Egg Salad & Bacon on Brioche
Turkey & Spinach Wrap
Roasted Fennel w/ Parmesan (Side Special)
SIAM’s Beef Pepper 
Roasted Pear & Brie Gallette
SIAM’s Chicken Fried Rice
Boneless Jerk Chicken Thighs

Daily Menu

Meat or Veggie Lasagna (available by the piece or call ahead for 1/2 pan available for $35)
Chicken Salad (GF), Tuna Salad (GF)(VGT), Egg Salad (GF)(VGT)
Crustless Roasted Vegetable Quiche (GF)(VGT)
Roasted Vegetable(VGT) or Ham & Cheese Quiche
Marinated Grilled London Broil (GF)(DF)
Roast Turkey Breast (GF)(DF)
Poached Salmon (GF)(DF)
Mediterranean Grilled Chicken (GF)(DF)  

Thai Curry Chicken (GF)
Peanut Sauce (GF, VN)
White and Brown Rice (GF, VN)
Chicken Lemon Grass Soup (GF)
Coconut Milk Soup (GF)   

Ten Vegetable (VN, GF)
Portugese Kale
Carrot Ginger (VN, G)
Pasta Fagioli 
Mushroom Barley (VN) 

Chicken Salad on Farmhouse Roll
Tuna Salad on Multigrain
Roasted Red Peppers,Fresh Mozzarella, Pesto on Focaccia  

Harvest Bowl – Quinoa, Sw. Potatoes, Roasted Beets, Sugar Snaps, Spicy Pecans  

Potato Salad (GF) (VGT)
Macaroni Salad (VGT)
Cole Slaw (GF)(VGT)
Cucumber Salad (GF)(VN)
Sweet Potato Salad (GF) (VGT)
6″ Garden Salad(VGT)(DF)
(2) Hard Boiled Eggs (GF)(DF)
Quinoa Pilaf (GF)(VN)
Corn and Black Bean Salad (GF)(VN)
Butternut Toss (GF)(VN)
Kale Salad (Sautéed Apples & Blue Cheese) (VGT) New Fall Version of Kale Salad
Roasted Vegetables (GF)(VN)(DF)
Seaweed Salad (GF)(VN)(DF)  

*GF = Gluten Friendly, VN = Vegan, VGT = Vegetarian,  DF = Dairy Free








Market Meals

Sandwich Market Meal: Sandwich + 2 Sides
Soup Market Meal: Soup + 2 Sides
Mediterranean Chicken Breast
Market Meal:
  + 2 Sides*Standard Sides include Garden Salad, Chips, Bottle of Water, Piece of Fruit, Cookie

In addition, for this week: Corn & Black Bean Salad, Butternut Toss and Today’s Side Special


Lunch Club

And don’t forget to join our Lunch Club — buy 9 market meals or sandwiches and get the 10th free. Just ask at our deli counter.

Fresh produce every day. Locally grown produce in season. Homemade lunches and dinners to go. Fresh-baked award-winning pies.

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