Shelves full of artisan products.

Homestead Farms (our own private label) salad dressings, salsas, spiced peaches, applesauce, apple butter, steak sauce, jams/jellies/marmalade/preserves, honey mustard
McCutcheons Jams, Jellies and Condiments (including their famous beet balls)
Harvest House Breads (Farmingdale, NJ)
Green Mountain Gringo Chips and Salsas
• Jean’s local honey (Flemington, NJ)
• Wendy’s local organic eggs (Titusville, NJ)
DiBruno Bros. (S.Philly) Gourmet Cheeses and Crackers
• Several varieties of salad dressings including Annie’s, Brianna’s
Applegate Farms  Bacon
• Jersey Fresh Canned Tomatoes
Hank Sauce (Sea Isle, NJ)
Joe Tea (Montclair, NJ)
Jersey Girl Chocolates (Sparta, NJ)
Jersey Rub

Griggstown Farm (Princeton, NJ) Chicken, Sausage,  Eggs, & Ravioli
Fulper Farms (Lambertville, NJ) Dairy Products
• Eagles Nest (Stockton, NJ) Farm Veal & Pork
Miller’s Mustard (Gibsonia, PA)
Sugar Maple Jerseys (Stockton, NJ)
Mt. Salem (Pittstown, NJ) Farm Lamb
Pittstown Poultry (Pittstown, NJ)
Bassetts Ice Cream (Philadelphia, PA)
• Various gourmet oils and marinades

For your convenience, we also offer a wide variety of daily needs, many of which are organic, like milk, eggs, and cheese. Also the simple things like ketchup, mayonnaise and breadcrumbs.

We also carry gluten-free and dairy-free products, from desserts to packaged goods.


Ditching Disposables reusable shopping bags.

Lambertville’s Plastic Bag Ordinance will take effect on January 1, 2020, but we’re jumping in early! To help keep Lambertville environmentally friendly, we’re offering our own handmade reusable shopping bags made from t-shirts for only $2, which will be donated to St. Andrew’s Thrift Shop in Lambertville. If you forget your reusable bags, just visit our Take a Bag, Leave a Bag tree – and don’t forget to donate any extra bags of your own for others who may need them. 

Fresh produce every day. Locally grown produce in season. Homemade lunches and dinners to go. Fresh-baked award-winning pies.

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