A season of thanks, a season of giving.

Dec 3, 2017 | Holidays

At Homestead we believe in giving back to the community and in doing what we can to preserve the environment. In that spirit, our ongoing employee charity drive endeavors to do both. It works like this: Every few weeks an employee chooses a charity to donate to and for every customer who uses their own bags we put a nickel into a donation jar. “We want to put out the message to use less plastic,” says employee Roz Dunn. It’s Homestead Market’s hope that not only can we give back, but also do our part to encourage and remind our customers that reusing and recycling means one less plastic bag and a little smaller carbon footprint.

Over the past three years Homestead has donated to nearly 50 organizations across a broad and diverse spectrum locally and internationally, from animal and human rights groups to churches, hospitals, food banks and educational foundations.

As thoughts of turkey and stuffing, football and pumpkin pie transition into dreams of a White Christmas and boughs of green, holly and ivy, here are a few holiday fun-facts to ponder.

•  The first Macy’s Day Parade debuted in 1924 and featured real animals borrowed from the Central Park Zoo.

•  The German American illustrator Anthony Frederick Sarg orchestrated the helium-filled inflatable cartoons that are now synonymous with the Macy’s Day Parade. Incidentally, he also owned a shop in New Hope, Pennsylvania called Tony Sarg’s, a children’s store, where he also sold his own textiles, wallpapers, rugs and furniture.

•  The song “Jingle Bells” was originally written for a Thanksgiving celebration.

We hope you’ll share your fun facts and your thanks with your family and friends this holiday season. Feel free to drop a nickel or two in our donation jar. We’ll be here until Christmas Eve and then bid you and yours good tidings, a cozy winter and blessings until we see you again for our 2018 Spring opening.

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