Helping Others: Lambertville & Beyond

Helping Others: Lambertville & Beyond

Helping Others: Lambertville & Beyond

So…is it hot enough for you? The summer heat and humidity this year have many of us running to pools, beaches or air conditioning, but our gardens are loving it! Our zinnia garden has been blooming beautifully since mid-July, and lots of you are coming in for fresh ready-made bouquets or are picking your own straight from our garden. We hope everyone is enjoying adding nature’s vivid summer colors to their homes; we expect the zinnia garden to bloom right through August.

Paying It Forward

You may have noticed a new donation can at our register over the past six weeks—we believe it’s important to give back now more than ever, and supportingLoose change jar for charity worthy charities is one way to do that. But there are so many good causes and charities, it’s hard to pick just one, so we decided to let our employees do the choosing.

Every other week a different Homestead team member selects a charity that’s near and dear to their heart, and for the next two weeks, our customers can donate their loose change if they so choose. The charities that have been selected so far are:

  • Loveland Foundation (chosen by Melissa)
  • Little Longears Miniature Donkey Rescue (chosen by Jen)
  • Doctors Without Borders (chosen by Stella)
  • Cookies for Kids’ Cancer (chosen by Emily)

We’re so grateful for the generosity of our customers, and on behalf of the Homestead team, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We plan to continue collecting donations for various charities through the end of the year.

New Products In Our Market

Fulper Farms Kefir is locally made by the same family farm that makes all the Fulper Family cheeses you love. Called the “champagne of milk”, this fermented milk has some fizz and is known to be not only deliciously refreshing, but it can also aid in digestion and help settle upset tummies. We have plain, peach and strawberry—if you’ve never had kefir, this is the perfect time to try your favorite flavor!

We have two new products from Cucina & Amore: Artichoke Bruschetta and Sundried Tomatoes in Oil. This family-owned company uses old family recipes to make their products, as well as all recognizable non-GMO ingredients. The bruschetta and sundried tomatoes can be used in a variety of ways, from perking up sandwiches and snacks to adding a new flavor to recipes. Discover something new!

And don’t forget, we get deliveries of fresh seafood every Wednesday and Friday from Heller’s Seafood Market in Warrington, PA!

Support Lambertville’s Restaurants

Our community business owners need your support now more than ever. And our restaurants continue to feel the impact of the past lockdown coupled with current restrictions on indoor dining that will remain in place indefinitely.

Lambertville, NJ restaurants

While it’s enjoyable to patronize restaurants that offer outdoor seating, not all of our Lambertville restaurants have the outdoor space to add tables and chairs. Please don’t forget these wonderful and important members of our community—they still offer takeout that you can enjoy al fresco in your own yard or on your porch. You can even challenge yourself to create a new dining “experience” at home—dress up your outdoor table with a flower bouquet, votive candles, or take out those special decorative napkins or table settings you only use for guests (you’re special too!) and you’ll feel like you’re dining at a very special restaurant.

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